Junshi biological technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chun real biological) is a hospital, laboratory to provide professional medical diagnostic reagents, technology and service of high-tech enterprises, the company main products in clinical biochemistry test, liver function, blood lipids, including renal function, glucose metabolism, myocardial enzyme, special protein several major series, and cooperation with Japan, Usa Inc, R & D, production and marketing of immune and bacteria culture and other products.

The main products of the company and biochemical detection reagent existing project 37, to ensure the correct use of detection operators on the device meet at the same time on the basis of biochemistry test demand of clinical laboratory, in order to provide safe and accurate detection report for clinicians. At present, Chun real biological products and service has covered more than a dozen provinces and regions in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, to provide products and technical services for nearly 500 health inspection institutions.

Junshi biological visual quality and product technology as the core, to provide customers beyond the expectations of products and services for the mission. Application of methods and tools of quality management system has been expanded to every aspect of enterprise management. Junshi biological "product safety, professional service" is the quality policy, established a set of strict internal quality control system, the company in accordance with the provisions of national certified class 100000 clean workshop and in strict accordance with the "GMP" requirements for production process management, currently in the production of R & D, quality control, sales and service and financial control. The main sectors of the business backbone experience in more than 15 years. In a professional "ERP" control system, strict and scientific property inventory system to ensure the company's benign operation and development. Since 2007, over the years has been rated as Shanghai quality class a enterprise.

Junshi biological actively committed to market development and channel construction, regularly every year to participate in domestic professional exhibition, organized by the national dealer technical training, and partners to grow together. Junshi biological adhere to the "academic drive product sales, service for the product value-added" marketing idea, to create a professional sales and service team, to provide technical guidance relief services and sales of professional customers, the majority of medical institutions of users, and promote 

Junshi biology has applied to join the Chinese IVD professional committee, becoming the first session of council. Future, Chun real biology will continue to "become China's best supplier of in vitro diagnostic reagents" as the goal, to "core values, and practical, efficient, innovative" concept, through product technology and management innovation continuously, create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, to the greatest extent to reach customers, employees and the company a win-win situation.

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